Secure payment by credit or debit card

Your online payment is secured as Lewoka uses payment services from  DIBS  and the bank. DIBS systems are approved by VISA and Mastercard and certified in compliance with PCI DSS by VISA and MasterCard to mediate payment transactions in the highest security class. All communication between the shop and your bank is handled by DIBS and is encrypted via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). You can see that the payment is taking place on a secure page as the address on the payment page begins with https:// and that the DIBS certificate appears in green colour in the address field.  With that Lewoka or any unauthorized persons have never access to and cannot register or store your card information.
DIBS also supports 3D Secure to identify the card owner at an Internet purchase and by that minimizes the risk for misuse of card information. If your card is connected to 3D Secure you will be connected to your bank for verification before the payment is approved.  Please feel free to contact Lewoka should you have any furhter questions regarding the security or mode of payment. 
We accept the following credit and debit cards:  Mastrercard and VISA.